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The following Newspapers, Television, Radio, & Magazines have featured Stern
New York Daily News: CITY LIFE HEALTH “Over the Top,” Tuesday, June 28, 2005: »» read more
Ftl Lauderdale Sun Sentinel: HEALTH & FAMILY “The Beauty Frontier”, Sunday, May 29, 2005
New York Times: SUNDAY STYLES, “The Most Private of Makeovers”, Sunday, November 28, 2004: »» read more
Chicago Tribune: WN WOMAN NEWS, “Surgery’s Next Frontier: Genital Makeovers”, Wednesday, December 15, 2004.
R REAL: 2-16 SEPTEMBER 2005, “Designer Vaginas”, Essential Publishing Ltd,
Colchester, Essex CO49HU (UK)
New York Times: SUNDAY MAGAZINE, “Behind Closed Doors”
December 17, 2006, Sunday By TARYN SIMON (NYT); Magazine
Late Edition - Final, Section 6, Page 64, Column 1, 229 words.
Hustler: “The Vagina Dialogues”, pgs. 60 – 62, January 2007.
Clear Channel 700 WLW, Scott Sloan Show “Live” June 15, 2006 (XM channel 173. “Female Genital Aesthetic Surgery”
Michael Baisden Show, Nationally Syndicated, 50 station listening audience “Live”, in June and November 2006 “primetime”, Labiaplasty & Vaginoplasty.
Stern was featured in the prime time documentary “Drastic Plastics,” which aired to critical acclaim on Yorkshire Television in England (UK) January 2004.
Stern was featured prime time on ABC Action News, “Like a Virgin” Nov.6, 2006
Stern was featured prime time En Telemundo TV, “Vagina Plastico Cirugia” February 8, 2007.
Stern is featured in Taryn Simon’s most recent book, a series of photographs, An American Index of the Hidden and Unfamiliar on view at the Whitney Museum of American Art, traveling to the Museum für Modern Kunst, Frankfurt, Germany.
Bloomberg News: New York, May 25, 2007, “Designer Vagina” Surgery…,
»» read more
If you think Genital Cosmetic Surgery is just an exam room surgery using numbing cream, think again! We just returned from operating at the 1st International Conference on Male & Female Aesthetic Genital Surgery "LIVE" from the operating Theater of Institute Vila-Rovira, Centro Medico Teknon, In Barcelona, Spain with over a hundred of the World's Leading Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeons looking on from the auditorium
Open the sidebar, “Meet Dr.Stern” and see why ABC Primetime came to Dr.Stern when they wanted the expert in the field of Female Genital Cosmetic Surgery!
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